547.5 Days

547.5 Days.

That number sounds like forever ago. I can’t believe that 547.5 days ago, Baby G came into our lives. She is such a different little person now. Constantly chattering and saying “hi” to almost every passerby. She knows who her Mama and Dada are and of course she can pick her buddy “Col” (her short for Cole) out of a photo. “Uh-oh”, “no way”, “moo”, “baa”, “meow” and her new favorite “eeewwww” are just some of the things she is saying. She knows where her eyes, nose, mouth and ears are and will practically take out your eye pointing yours out (she did that to me the other day and I was almost blinded by that little pointer finger!).  There’s no more walking, only running and she is loves seeing new things; pointing out airplanes and the moon in the sky to name a few.  Most of the time, you’ll get an “Oooooh” when she sees it.

Start, Stop; Start, Stop.

I truly wish there existed a pause button for life sometimes. I don’t want to miss a thing she says or does and while I’m grateful for the ladies at the daycare who are teaching her so much, I would love to be that teacher for her. At the same time, I’m excited to wake up everyday to see what she is going to do or say next! And based on her constant chatter, I cannot wait until she starts using actual words to have a conversation. I wish I knew baby talk because she knows exactly what she is saying and with so much conviction as well!


Baby G truly has no fear. The most curious child I’ve ever seen.  She will run into the ocean or pool at full speed. She climbs step stools and has all but mastered the steps to the 2nd floor of our home. She will reach out and touch any animal or creature in the touch tank at the aquarium.  While scary at times (i.e. the climbing of the step stools), I couldn’t be more proud of her wanting to try new things. I hope that stays with her all of her life. Love you G. XO

“I climbed up here all by myself!”