The Trifecta of Baby Books + 1

Book Report Time! 

So technically I’m reviewing 4 books today instead of just three because before you realize it, that little baby of yours will be getting ready to try solid foods! And that 4th book will be a helpful resource later on when you are wondering what the heck to feed her and in what combinations.


As you can probably guess by my selection of books is that I tend toward the scientific books. Who better to write a book than multiple pediatricians or even a developmental molecular biologist?!

The Trifecta


1) The book “The Mayo Clinic Guide to Pregnancy: From Doctors Who Are Parents Too!” is such a great read! It’s organized and well written with so much information. It touches on every aspect of pregnancy, including exercise, the different types of births, breast feeding, diapering, etc. And because it’s written by actual doctors, it gave me an extra piece of mind that the information was accurate. I always did, however, run the information by my own ob/gyn before G’s birth or pediatrician after she was born. It’s advisable check with your doctor before implementing something new for your baby!

2) The book “Brain Rules for Baby: How to raise a smart and happy child from Zero to Five” was written by that biologist, John Medina. This book talks about the science behind children’s behavior: studies on how to praise your child to promote a “growth mindset” based on effort, not the child’s actual intelligence; what attachment theory really is and what to do when everyone’s emotions are running high. The chapter on dealing with temper tantrums is genius as well;-)  One of my favorite excerpts from this book is the following: “Write this across your heart before your child comes into the world: ‘Parenting is not a race. Kids are not proxies for adult success.’ Competition can be inspiring, but brands of it can wire your child’s brain in a toxic way. Comparing your kids with your friends’ kids will not get them, or you, where you want to go.”  Go with what you know for YOUR child. It’s a natural mindset for all of us to compare what our child does to little Johnny down the street. But each child in this world is different and progresses at their own rate…we need to let them do that.


3) The next book I wanted to mention is titled: “Caring For Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 by the American Academy of Pediatrics“.  I received this book after signing up for the Baby Club at our local grocery store. They sent this book to me for FREE. Check the local grocery store near you, they may have a similar program! We also get a monthly news letter and coupons for the store.  This book has every detail you can possibly imagine. I refer to it multiple times per week; it’s more like an encyclopedia of baby knowledge really. It even has sections on infant and baby CPR as well.

The “Plus 1”


The 4th book is “The Amazing Make-Ahead Baby Food Book” by Dr. Lisa Barrangou. She is a food scientist and expert when it comes to mixing flavors! This books provides step by step program for how what fruits/veg to buy and how to prepare them in three 1-hour sessions, so you’re not spending 3 full hours at the counter at one time. You can do it over a few days. Throughout the book you’ll find instructions for pureeing each food, how to freeze it, thaw and serve to baby. Some people may think this book it ‘too simple’ for them, but let me tell you, once your little one arrives, you need simple. At least I did! My brain was mush there for a while! There is also a chapter on combining puree recipes and even one on finger foods, which is great for when baby starts feeding herself.


When I bought the book, I also stopped by my local housewares store to buy the silicon trays or you can order them online. They come in a 2 pack for about $9.99. When removing the frozen cubes from the trays though, you will need to let them set on the counter for a minute or so to loosen up. Expect to have cold fingers by the time you’re done transferring them to the ziplock bags!

All 4 books were good reads before, during & after baby arrived!  What are some of you favorites?!